I Hate You Then I Love You

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as much as i love you 我就是很爱你

as much as i need you 我就是很需要你

and i cant stand you 我忍受不到你

must everything you do make me wanna smile 你做的任何事都使我想微笑

an i not like you for awhile? (no….) 我可否有一刻不喜欢你

you wont let me 你不让我做一些事

you upset me girl 你有时令我失望

and then you kiss my lips 然后你吻我

all of a sudden i forgive (that i was upset) 突然我就原谅你了

can’t remember what you did 我忘记你所做的所有事

but i hate… 但我很讨厌这让

you know exactly what to do 你永远知道要做什麼

so that i cant stay mad at you 令我不能一直生你的气

for too long thats wrong 这维持了太久, 这不对劲

(both:) one of these days maybe your magic wont affect me 可能有一天你的魔力不再影响我

and your kiss wont make me weak 你的吻不会让我软弱

but no one in this world knows me the way you know me 但这个世界上没有人比你更懂我

so you’ll probably always have a spell on me… 所以你该一直都会在我身上施著魔术吧

yeaahhh… oohh… as much as i love you (as much as i love you ) 我就是很爱你

as much as i need you (as much as i need you) 我就是很需要你

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本文首发于Why·Liam·Blog (https://blog.naaln.com),版权所有,侵权必究。